Gourmet Market for eating in Córdoba

Mercado Victoria


Mercado Victoria is the first gastronomic market to open its doors in Andalusia. It opened on May 1, 2013. It is a space of enjoyment around gastronomy, culture and leisure.



Visiting Mercado Victoria is to travel the world through gastronomy, since in its almost 30 kiosks you can find the best of Cordoba and Spanish cuisine, along with the best international cuisine.



Mercado Victoria has a wide range of cultural and gastronomic activities that take place periodically in all our facilities (concerts, workshops, showcookings, …)



The market is the ideal place to hold any event, party or presentation, thanks to its wide range of facilities, its location and its varied culinary and leisure offer.

Mercado Victoria

When we talk about Mercado Victoria, we talk about the first gourmet market in Cordoba, perfectly combining the union between excellent and varied cuisine, and the best atmosphere in the city.

This gourmet market in Cordoba has a multitude of gastronomic stalls, both national and international. You can try Asian flavors, followed by oriental and even typical dishes of the province of Cordoba. Enjoy the best sushi, delicious American burgers and the best Cordoba salmorejo.

Being a gourmet market in Cordoba, you will only find quality, both in the preparation of the exquisite dishes, and in the service of our staff. If you are looking for the best atmosphere in Córdoba to hang out, you will find it here too. Our Premium Sojo Mercado bar will offer you the best of Cordoba’s night. Cocktails, imported drinks, the best music of the moment, all in the best environment.

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Plaza central
Terraza sur
El invernadero

Gastronomic market in Córdoba

This great gastronomic market in Cordoba offers a great trip for any palate. If you are looking for local cuisine, you will find it. From the best flamenquín of Cordoba, to the most exquisite of the salmorejos by the hand of La Salmoreteca. If you are looking for something more exotic, you can try Arabic cuisine, enjoying each of its famous spices.

For the most demanding palates who only look for the best quality, in our gastronomic market in Córdoba, we offer exquisite oysters with a good French champagne. You can also enjoy delicious octopus dishes, in different versions. If you are looking for fresh and seasonal fish and seafood, we can offer them even to take them home.

If you are looking for something more traditional, in this gastronomic market in Cordoba you can taste typical local dishes. Flamenquines, potato tortillas, salmorejo, gazpachos, beers and everything you need to experience our great gastronomy of Cordoba.